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J'ai développé mes propres techniques depuis plus de 24 ans. Je les partage en cours ou stages.

Je suis Talent Cannes, nominé à Cannes et primé dans différents festivals.

Je pratique assidûment et mets cet art millénaire au service de ma musique et de l'enseignement.


J'improvise au piano et je compose, en France et à l'étranger dans des styles variés. 


Nous sommes tous des instruments. La vie est emplie de musique. Elle m'inspire et me fait voyager. Je veux m'en émerveiller à tout instant. 

J'improvise au cinéma ou chez vous, à la carte.

J'écris, je compose et je réalise pour vous.

Je voyage énormément, notamment en Inde. 


“Vincent has a rare talent: he knows how to bend to constraints while maintaining his originality. In the end, the result was excellent.”

MATHIEU ROZIERES  / Director, Producer / Black Euphoria

”A keen sense of image combined with  great professionalism. An adaptability  and a finesse that serve the purpose brilliantly."

OLIVIER SADOCK / Director  / Publicis


Vincent Lendower

Composer and concert pianist, CNR Gold Medalist, I  composed the  original music from the film " The Last Minute ", nominated at Cannes in 2004, music award at the Reus Festival in 2005. I am the winner of the 6th international competition Emergence et Talent Cannes 2005  alongside Laurent Tirard. I won the Europa Films Treasures competition in 2012, and composed music for century-old films, notably " Sul Tetto del Mondo ". I also make music for commercials  and documentaries.


I have been performing my compositions and arrangements since I was 16, improvisation holds a prominent place. I am inspired by different symbols: Kabbalah, Sanatana Dharma or even poetry. I also improvise on silent films. My different groups, ToTem, Elsa&Vincent, Quiproquo mix jazz, improvised music, klezmer or chanson and perform regularly in France and abroad.

I appreciated  multiply meetings with renowned musicians: Manuel Rocheman, Christian Martinez, Jonathan Pontier, Karl Jannuska, Anne Pacéo… and collaborate  with artists from all walks of life: theatre, painting, photography, dance, mime...

Author, I  In 2012, he won the France Musiques competition for Day and Night Tales, for my musical tale " The Odyssey of Sât et Nirî" .  

Improvised piano teacher or  computer-aided music  For more than 20 years, I have been sharing my passion for music & meditation during courses, workshops, or individual lessons.


Since 2006, I travel regularly to India and compose as a volunteer within the NGO of the Indian sage Amma Embracing the world . Staying in his monastery, I  assiduously practices meditation and music.

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